Target Investment Criteria

  • Opportunities to partner with passionate CEOs that want to build high quality businesses with high performing teams
  • Specialise in asset-based platform opportunities (although not a prerequisite)

Equity Investment

  • £1mn to £10mn

How we operate and what we do

  • We become actively involved in our investments to assist in the task of growth, scaling and managing volatility
  • We help prepare business to attract institutional capital
  • We are comfortable holding investments for the long-term

Geography – Our preference

  • UK, US and Western Europe


  • Revenue generating or
  • Facility/asset-backed start-up

Target Sectors

Healthcare Services

Children's Services

- Behavioural Health
- Specialist Children’s Homes
- Child Adolescent Mental Health Service facilities
- Residential or day schools for children with Autism
- Mainstream private schools
- Respite centres
- Post-19 semi-independent living facilities
- Autism services

Adult Services

- Psychiatric rehabilitation facilities
- Residential LD, ABI or Mental Health
- Specialist skilled nursing or dementia facilities
- Step-down facilities
- Combined behavioural in-patent facilities
- Urgent care facilities
- Strategic GP Clinics


Other asset-based businesses